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Life Skills Schedule

Classes meet every Wednesday @ 5:30pm in the shelter roundroom

July 11th
Health Careers w Rasa (UNM)

July 18th
Dr. Mash-Med Management

July 25th
Sandy-Self Care 

Career Ideas Quiz

What careers may be good for you?

visit this page and take the quiz

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Transportation Resources

Chili Line, bus within Taos

Blue Bus, bus outside of Taos

Bicycles  are available through Dreamtree
Ask your Case Manager


Please use this form to report any complaints, issues with your apartment (like plumbing etc). We’ll do our best to address your concern as soon as possible.


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TLP Expectations

As a DreamTree resident you are responsible for moving toward independence while maintaining the core values of respect, safety, integrity and empathy, and working on goals in your Personal Transition Plan.

Case Management/Life Skills

You will meet with your Case Manager for a minimum of one hour weekly.  During this time you will be completing assessments, your Personal Transition Plan and working on steps toward your goals.  Other appointments will be scheduled as needed.  Please give 24 hours’ notice to change or cancel any appointment.  Life Skills classes are required.

Your Case Manager can approve overnight passes on a case by case basis. Passes must be relevant to your Personal Transition Plan.


Rent is 30% of your income before taxes. This is due on the 1st of the month.  All income changes must be reported within two weeks.  


All residents are expected to work at least part-time and if you are not in school, full time.  If a resident is not employed a minimum of five hours documented community service is required weekly until employment is obtained. All residents will have a savings plan.

Your Casita

Weekly sanitation checks and monthly safety inspections and searches will be conducted on a random basis.  Sanitation guidelines are posted in your unit. Other safety checks may be scheduled as needed.  No decorations that are sexual, alcohol or drug related are allowed to be displayed.  Weapons are not allowed including bats, clubs, or anything placed or used with the intent of being a weapon.  Kitchen knives are allowed.

You will be asked to report any needed repairs in a timely manner.  You are responsible for damages not caused by normal wear and tear.

No pets are allowed.


For the purpose of fire safety, no burning of any item is allowed within your residence including but not limited to candles, incense or tobacco.  Fire extinguishers or smoke alarms must not be tampered with. You are responsible your casita but also the area in front of your casita. This includes trash pick up, cigarette butts, and shoveling snow.

No alcohol or drug use.   No violence of any kind will be tolerated including verbal, physical, emotional or sexual violence.


Romantic relationships with other residents must be disclosed to your Case Manager.

If you have difficulty with another person please follow the mediation procedures.


Visitors must meet with the Case Manager and sign a visitor agreement before visiting. Two visitors at a time are allowed.  Visiting hours are 9:00 am to 11:00 pm.  Please be with your visitors at all times.             

Curfew is 11pm every night to be on the property.