DreamTree Apartments Application Packet

There are two ways to apply for DreamTree's Apartment Program:

1. Complete our web application below.
2. Download a and print an application (Word or PDF) and submit in person (128 La Posta Rd, Taos, NM 87571), by fax (575-758-2045) or by mail (PO Box 1677, Taos, NM 87571).

I. The Application & Interview Process

Please ensure that your Application is fully completed. Your application will not be reviewed until all required materials are submitted. Applications can be submitted by mail (PO Box 1677, Taos, NM 87571), in person (128 La Posta Rd., Taos, NM 87571) or via fax (575-758-2045).
Please submit your Application along with the following documents:

  • Previous and Current Placement Records
  • Psychological Evaluations/Psycho-social Evaluations
  • Chronological Offense History/Criminal History (if applicable)
  • Parole or Probation Status

The following documents will be needed at Intake (if accepted):

  • Copies of: Birth Certificate and Social Security Card
  • Documentation of Homelessness (form can be provided by Dream Tree)

If a resident is an appropriate match for our program, the resident and/or his/her parent/guardian will be contacted to schedule an interview. The interview will take place at our facility at 128 La Posta Road in Taos or by video conference.  Interviews take an average of 1 hour to complete.

1. After a resident has confirmed his/her interest, their references will be contacted. Reference are obtained on our Release of Information & Care Coordination form completed on interview day.
2. An acceptance decision will be made by DreamTree when all of necessary information has been submitted. A decision will be made as quickly as is possible.
3. Upon acceptance, the date and time of move-in will be dependent upon available bed space. If bed space is unavailable, the accepted resident will be placed on our Waiting List.

II. Acceptance to the Program

Please answer these questions to the best of your ability. We understand that some of these questions are personal. We find that honesty enables us to ensure that we are the right placement for you and to better serve you.


All information is confidential.


DreamTree Apartments | Online Application

About You
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Contact Number *
Contact Number
DreamTree is an equal housing opportunity and welcomes and respects all gender expressions.
How do you describe your sexual orientation?
Which language(s) do you speak? *
Are you in custody of CYFD or do you have a legal guardian other than your parent? *
Biological Parents *
Who do you consider as part of your support system? (This can include family members, friends, supportive adults, JPO, mentos, etc) Please identify them by names and their relationship to you.
Health & Therapy
Are you currently taking medications? *
Please check all that apply to you as issues that have been relevant to you in your past or are a current situation for you: *
Please check all that you have used previously: *
Do you struggle with substance abuse? *
Do you smoke cigarettes? *
Have you identified coping strategies that work for you in dealing with the issues listed above? Please describe:
(Current grade, last grade completed, school name, etc)
Previous jobs, etc
Have you ever been arrested? *
Are you on probation or parole? *
Have you ever been in jail? *
Are you currently in community corrections? *
Please check all that apply from the following list of after-school/weekend activities & hobbies that you enjoy: *
DreamTree Apartment Program Expectations
DreamTree Apartment Program Agreement *
As a DreamTree resident you are responsible for moving toward independence while maintaining the core values of respect, safety, integrity and empathy, and working on goals in your Personal Transition Plan. Case Management / Life Skills You will meet with your Case Manager for a minimum of one hour weekly. During this time you will be completing assessments, your Personal Transition Plan and working on steps toward your goals. Other appointments will be scheduled as needed. Please give 24 hours’ notice to change or cancel any appointment. Life Skills classes are required. Your Case Manager can approve overnight passes on a case by case basis. Passes must be relevant to your Personal Transition Plan. Rent Rent is 30% of your income before taxes. This is due on the 1st of the month. All income changes must be reported within two weeks. Employment/Savings All residents are expected to work at least part-time and if you are not in school, full time. If a resident is not employed a minimum of five hours documented community service is required weekly until employment is obtained. All residents will have a savings plan. Your Casita Weekly sanitation checks and monthly safety inspections and searches will be conducted on a random basis. Sanitation guidelines are posted in your unit. Other safety checks may be scheduled as needed.
No decorations that are sexual, alcohol or drug related are allowed to be displayed. Weapons are not allowed including bats, clubs, or anything placed or used with the intent of being a weapon. Kitchen knives are allowed. You will be asked to report any needed repairs in a timely manner. You are responsible for damages not caused by normal wear and tear. No pets are allowed. Safety For the purpose of fire safety, no burning of any item is allowed within your residence including but not limited to candles, incense or tobacco. Fire extinguishers or smoke alarms must not be tampered with. No alcohol or drug use. No violence of any kind will be tolerated including verbal, physical, emotional or sexual violence. Relationships Romantic relationships with other residents must be disclosed to your Case Manager. If you have difficulty with another person please follow the mediation procedures. Curfew/Visitors Visitors must meet with the Case Manager and sign a visitor agreement before visiting. Two visitors at a time are allowed. Visiting hours are 9:00 am to 11:00 pm. Please be with your visitors at all times.
Curfew is 11pm every night to be on the property. I understand and agree to abide by these expectations.
After reviewing the DreamTree Apartment Program Expectations, are there any areas of that you feel may be challenging for you? (e.g., budgeting, maintaining a schedule, maintaining employment, etc.)
Youth Agreement *
I have completed the DreamTree Apartment Program application to the best of my ability and best that everything included in this application is true to the best of my knowledge.
release of information & care coordination form
Release of Information & Care Coordination Agreement *
I hereby authorize DreamTree Project to release and/or receive information with the agencies and/or individuals listed below, as appropriate, regarding my care. I understand that my participation in the DreamTree program may require me to attend school, to become employed and maintain employment, and to satisfy any legal obligations I may have as a result of charges or offenses I may have committed. In order to ensure that my obligations are satisfied, DreamTree Project may communicate information regarding my progress with or without my presence whenever it is deemed necessary or I so request. Any information gathered through the coordination with the points of contact listed below will be filed confidentially in your Resident Folder. Other care providers (e.g., physicians, therapists) will be listed on a separate and individualized release form.
Do you have a CYFD Caseworker? If so, please list their name below :
Do you have a CYFD Supervisor? If so, please list their name below :
Do you have a JPO/Parole Officerr? If so, please list their name below :
Do you have an Attorney? If so, please list their name below :
Do you have a Family Member(s) or Family Friend(s) you'd like to provide DreamTree? If so, please list their names below :
Do you have an Employer? If so, please list their name below :
Is there someone at your school you feel comfortable being in contact with DreamTree? If so, please list their name below :