Every resident of DreamTree possesses the following Resident's Rights:

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1. The right to confidentiality of records. 

2. The right to use his/her personal possessions (within program guidelines) and a place for safe storage. 

3. The right to preparation and maintenance of accurate and complete records during his/her stay. 

4. The right to privacy. 

5. The right to humane care and a humane environment. 

6. The right of religious worship. 

7. The right to receive visitors (in private and at reasonable times). 

8. The right to written and telephone communication which includes the right to send and receive correspondence unopened by others and the right of private telephone conversations. 

9. The right to access their social worker, JPO’s, and attorney. 

10. The right to be free from exploitation in employment-related training or employment. 

11. The right to provide input concerning their care. 

12. The right to receive care in a manner that recognizes variations in cultural values and traditions.

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DreamTree Project will not make discriminatory distinction or refuse admission and services to any youth based solely on consideration of race, sexual orientation, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, gender identity, physical, mental handicap, sex, disability, age, serious medical condition, or spousal affiliation.

At any time a resident’s rights are restricted to protect the health and safety of the resident, the reason(s) for the restriction will be clearly documented.

DreamTree Project can search all rooms and possessions at any time for the safety of all residents. All searches will be conducted by two staff.

Any resident may find out more information on DreamTree Project’s nondiscrimination obligations by calling the Program Supervisor at 575-758-9595.

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