We've gone leafy green!

What do you get when you take a modified freight container, a year-round supply of fresh produce, and non-profit dedicated to creating a safe place for Northern New Mexico’s youth?

The answer is sustainable and dependable funding to support DreamTree’s teen emergency shelter and transitional home.

In February of 2018  DreamTree Project launched DreamTree Farms, our first social enterprise—that’s business with a social cause—which addresses both the demands of the community’s growing appetite for local and organic food, while also creating a revenue stream to independently propel our emergency youth shelter and DreamTree Apartments into the future.

It’s simple, we grow, package and distribute produce to local markets and in return create jobs and revenue for DreamTree Project.

Using an upcycled shipping container, outfitted with a climate system, hydroponic growing system and LED-lights, DreamTree Farms grows up to 1,000 heads of leafy greens and lettuce, with only 15 to 20 hours of labor, right on the DreamTree Project property on La Posta Road, in Taos.


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